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Sand Dunes

sound meditation

ancient healing

this meditation will be guided, bathing you in high frequency sound waves. we will sooth the nervous system into a state of deep relaxation, allowing you to unravel your mind, become present within your consciousness and release any emotional blockages from your body.

no experience is required for this practice as it is extremely approachable for individuals who are interested in beginning a form of meditation and to assist our experienced mediators launch themselves into an alternate reality of bliss. all that is required is your yoga mat and/or blanket.

30-60-90 minute increments | virtual or tranquil setting of your choice

a wellness benefit

mental reset for your workforce and community

a guided sound meditation that can help prevent burnout by providing your employees / community residents the opportunity to engage in an unconventional break from the daily grind - creating time to reset and release stress, promoting a lighter, attentive and more creative mind.

15-30-60 minute increments | virtual or at the office/in your community

Cloudy Ocean
Above the Clouds

group ceremonies

a healing circle

gather your closest companions for a whimsical and comforting experience. we will begin with a guided sound meditation that promotes self awareness and connection. then we will join in bonding conversational topics. disconnect from the busy external world and completely immerse with one another.

90 minutes | virtual or tranquil setting of your choice

guided children's meditation

helping children open their minds to a more peaceful and creative approach to life

our mini meditators may not have the same stresses as adults, but still encounter their own stresses as a result of our modern, fast-paced lifestyles. the dramatic increased usage of technology has impacted concentration levels within the human realm. utilizing meditation to employ their imagination is an effective way to help them learn how to recognize the stress signals within their bodies and use mindful techniques to help them counter the effects. 

15-30 minute increments | in the comfort of your own home, school,

or community

Children Meditating
Brewing Tea

herbal tea gathering

soothing wind down for the body and mind

first we will step into our consciousness with a soothing sound bath -

then unravel our minds with chakra invoking journal prompts all while an herbal tea blend helps relax our physical body

90 minutes | tranquil setting of your choice

tranquil settings

a private whimsical setup inside the comfort of your own home or an outdoor setup of your choice

  • lakeside

  • urban cityscape

  • wooded park

Picnic Basket


don't see what you would you had in mind?
feel free to inquire

  • charcutearie board (vegan option available)

  • fresh flowers

  • personalized sign rental

  • date night package

  • dessert package

  • game package

  • speaker rental for tunes

  • mini polaroid camera rental, includes 10 pack of film

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