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sarah of holistic reverie

founder and visionary

self-awareness; the key that allowed me to dive deep into my thoughts, behaviors and emotions - bringing my life back into perspective. for over a decade, there was an eternal flame that kept me constantly moving, socializing, traveling - almost aimlessly. as i was innocently wandering through life, searching for my next adventure - i would meet extraordinary individuals, always invigorated when hearing their perspectives on life. trip after trip, i would always come to the same conclusion - what is my purpose on this ginormous planet?

while there are endless possibilities in our external world, i needed to stop and appreciate the treasures i hold within my own internal world. sound meditation & yin yoga helped me slow down and create a new level of self-awareness within my mind and body, allowing me to unleash what has been stored for so long. these practices in particular also helped highlight any patterns that negatively seeped into my daily life, holding me back from my highest potential. my mind has become clear enough to instantly recognize and reflect my daily movements through life. i want nothing more than to share these practices across communities, helping individuals tap in and express their highest self. 


my mission

the dream behind holistic reverie is to create a safe space for individuals to dive in and explore the depths of their heart and psyche - revealing, feeling and releasing whatever is no longer serving them. i believe everyone deserves the opportunity to engage and operate through their highest potential, unlocking deeper levels of genuine happiness, creativity, and altruism.

by unraveling our mind and stepping into our consciousnesses, we can give ourselves the option to progressively shift our perspective into a more positive light. viewing our world in this way creates endless discovery of oneself. 

holistic reverie welcomes all environments that allow for community collaborations and creative partnerships.

i am dedicated to bridging cultural gaps, dissolving societal norms, and disrupting obsolete paradigms. 

this life is meant to be lived thoroughly. join me on the adventure of self-awareness, discovery, and creation.


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