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sound bath meditation

ancient healing

this meditation will be guided, bathing you in high frequency sound waves. we will sooth the nervous system into a state of deep relaxation, allowing you to unravel your mind, become present within your consciousness and release any emotional blockages from your body.​

30-60-90 minute increments

virtual or tranquil setting of your choice

yin yoga practice

passive, more meditative style of yoga

the essence of yin is yielding.

this practice is slower-paced, developing and maintaining a state of health in your mind and body while focusing on connective tissues such as fascia, ligaments and tendons. yin yoga strives for awareness of body sensation during practice, learning to find the right depth in any pose, then holding for a range of 2-5 minutes. 

gaining the wisdom to move towards the edge of our limitation and honoring when we have arrived there during this practice, conditions our mind to apply these principles in all areas of our life.

60 minutes | virtual or tranquil setting of your choice

group ceremonies

a healing circle

gather your closest companions for a whimsical and comforting experience. we will begin with a guided sound bath meditation that promotes self awareness and connection. then we will join in bonding conversational topics. disconnect from the external world immerse with one another.

90 minutes | virtual or tranquil setting of your choice

yoga nidra practice

fully guided meditation, no movement

yoga nidra is a form of fully guided meditation. this method allows you to scan the body, tapping into a state of relaxed state of consciousness as the mind settles in a place between wakefulness and sleep. yoga nidra (aka yogic sleep) is a systematic method of inducing complete muscular, mental, and emotional relaxation. we will release all outer experiences and step further into our own awareness. 

60-90 minute increments

virtual or tranquil setting of your choice

a wellness benefit

mental reset for your workforce & community

a guided sound meditation that can help prevent burnout by providing your employees / community residents the opportunity to engage in an unconventional break from the daily grind. this practice creates time to reset and release stress, promoting a lighter and more attentive mind.

15-30-60 minute increments

virtual or in the office/home community

guided children's meditation

promoting peace and creativity

our mini meditators may not have the same stresses as adults, but still encounter their own stresses as a result of our modern, fast-paced lifestyles. the dramatic increased usage of technology has impacted concentration levels within the human realm. utilizing meditation to employ their imagination is an effective way to help them learn how to recognize the stress signals within their bodies and use mindful techniques to help them counter the effects. this practice also creates time to reset, promoting a light, attentive and much more creative mind.

15-30 minute increments | virtual or at your school / community


please inquire if you're ready to book a private session.

i am happy to help with any questions you may have.

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